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I was recently at the local Hallmark store and had a chance to check out their 2021 Mini Santa Tiki Mug ornament. I knew it was called a "mini" but until I saw it person I really didn't get just how tiny they really are! :eek: To give you an idea of their size, here is my thumb next to the display. I totally understand now why some folks I know mentioned that they were considering using them as earrings. I am kind of surprised though that they only offer the 'mini' version and not a normal ornament sized option. Maybe they're meant for tiny Charlie Brown trees? :thinking: Below is the link for the ornament on Hallmark's site. https://www.hallmark.com/ornaments/keepsake-ornaments/mini-santa-tiki-mug-ornament-0.9-799QXM8352.html


I am Rose. Now I just need 4 more posts to enter the competitions. :D
What's currently on your music listening list? Old, new? Something unexpected? This amazing image is titled "Dusty's Gig" by Robert Jimenez. https://zerostreet.shop/products/dustys-gig-limited-edition-print
Pretty cool image of an Easter Island Moai. :moyai: The artist is Samir Belhamra with GrafixArt. Prints can be purchased on the GrafixArt website. What's neat is that you can also buy a tutorial that shows how the image was created. :cool: https://www.grafixart.photo/
Just in time for Christmas, win a 2021 Hallmark Mini Santa Tiki Mug Christmas ornament! :santa::tropical_drink: https://tikilounge.com/competitions/win-a-2021-hallmark-mini-santa-tiki-mug-christmas-ornament.2 This little ornament will look great on your Christmas tree. Maybe even use it as an earing or even as a swizzle stick decoration! One winner will be selected November 30 so that there is plenty of time to get it shipped out to you for the holidays. To enter you must have at least 5 posts made here at Tiki Lounge and answer the question correctly. HINT: --> :santa: <-- https://www.hallmark.com/ornaments/keepsake-ornaments/mini-santa-tiki-mug-ornament-0.9-799QXM8352.html Wish tiki tidings with this miniature Christmas tree ornament. Featuring a carved-wood look and colorful Santa Claus design, the umbrella-drink-worthy tiki mug decoration brings a bit of tropical flair to holiday festivities. Miniature Christmas tree ornament measures 0.6" W x 0.9" H x 0.5" D. Artist crafted by Orville Wilson, this Keepsake Ornament comes pre-packaged in a box for easy gift giving, preservation and storage. Dated 2021 in copyright. Plastic.
Did you miss winning these fabulous B-Rex swizzle sticks during our first Tiki Lounge giveaway? Here's your second chance! :cool: https://tikilounge.com/competitions/win-a-pack-of-tiki-swizzle-sticks-by-b-rex.3 The prize for this competition is a pack of six (6) very cool tiki swizzle sticks by Brian Rechenmacher, otherwise known a B-Rex! Here is Brian's official description of these neat sticks... Pick up my newest swizzle stick. It is 8.5" tall and has a break off point towards the bottom so that you can shorten it for Mai Tai glasses or Tiki Mugs AND also use the bottom Tiki as a fruit spear. They'd look great either in your drinks 🍹 or displayed in your collection!
Why GTA: Vice City's Hidden Packages Are Tiki Statues Screen Rant https://screenrant.com/gta-vice-city-hidden-packages-green-tiki-cocaine/
Tiki Maniacs announced that they are doing a 70's throwback mug with "Groovy Greg" from The Brady Bunch endorsed by Barry Williams! :LOL: No word on purchase dates yet but I suspect this will be a hot seller for them. The mug is inspired from the "Hawaii Bound" S4:E1 episode of The Brady Bunch TV series where Bobby finds a hidden Hawaiian idol. Thinking it means good luck, Bobby gives the idol to Greg (Williams) for luck during a surfing competition that Greg is participating in. After a series of mishaps and advice from an older Hawaiian the Brady gang knows that it is actually bad luck to have removed the idol and must return it to the cave where Bobby found it. Making a surprise appearance, Vince Price plays a mentally disturbed archeologist who traps the Brady kids in the cave. The infamous tiki idol from the episode is in the possession of Williams who, according to his 2000 book "Growing Up Brady", found it while going through old props from the show. Aloha! Well, if you watched the Instagram Live show last night you witnessed first hand the cursed tabu tiki idol playing one more trick on us as we experienced technical issues right as Barry Williams came on to reveal our new mug! Fortunately everything turned out a-ok and we are thrilled to share pictures of our new mug — Groovy Greg! This is our tribute to the great actor who so many of us wished was our big brother and got to experience the wonder of tiki for the first time growing up in the 70s. Make sure to like and follow us and stay tuned for more details in the coming days…
Lately I've been looking into ASMR videos as of way of helping me get to sleep. In particular, rainstorm videos. That got me thinking... are there any 'tiki' themed ASMR videos? :thinking: ASMR, for those who may not be familiar with it, stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR). You can find a lot of debate as to what "ASMR" effect is supposed to have on people but, at it's simplest, it's a way of using sensory input to change your mood. It could be something simple, like rain sounds, or it could be physical - being touched in a certain way - or it may be a calming visual or a combination of inputs. If you want to go down a really deep rabbit hole follow some of the Wikipedia links. :eek: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ASMR Not going to far off on a tangent, I can't help but think of the opposite that was popular in the 70's & 80's, sensory deprivation tanks. Altered States, anyone? I also think it's a bit funny that some of what is now being called "ASMR" is what has been called 'whitenoise' for years, loops of audio or video to produce a calming sensation. Then of course there are the fireplace videos and aquarium videos that people have been making for years. But what does any of this have to do with "tiki" folks? While thinking about it I realized that there is indeed a 'tiki' ASMR video out there. It combines video and audio sensory input in a combination that a lot of folks find very relaxing. And it even includes rain! I'm talking, of course, about the Enchanted Tiki Room / Trader Sam's 4-hour video created by Disney Dan. Play that full-screen on a 4K monitor and just try to sat it isn't relaxing. :D
BHG (Better Homes & Gardens) posted a guide for making Pineapple Jack-o'-Lanterns for Halloween. They come out looking neat but what really has my attention is the thought of all that nice fresh cut pineapple to be snacked on! :pineapple: :D https://www.bhg.com/halloween/crafts/halloween-pineapple-carving/
An immersive experience that transports travelers to an island paradise! 🌴 Dishing out creative interpretations of Tiki drinks alongside a food menu that blends Polynesian and Japanese influences. In fall 2012, Chef/Owner Tatsu Aikawa started Ramen Tatsu-Ya with friends and family. After spending time at the Michelin-starred kaiseki/sushi bar Urasawa in Los Angeles, Tatsu returned to Austin to introduce authentic Japanese ramen to Texas. Ramen Tatsu-Ya soon became a reality, and the shop...
Tiki news from The Pop Insider... https://thepopinsider.com/news/dr-who-licensing-deals/ Doctor Who Geeki Tikis | Source: Beeline Creative/ the Pop Insider If you spent this morning thinking you’d rather be drinking your morning coffee from a K-9-inspired Tiki mug, you’re in luck. BBC is partnering with Beeline Creative, Hallmark, and Rittenhouse to create all the Doctor Who merch your Tardis can handle. Beeline Creative and Hallmark will drop their new items in October and Rittenhouse will release its items early next year. Between the three companies, there’s something for each Whovian, whether they’ve been there from the start or they just had to google who K-9 is (hint: look at the picture below!). K-9 Geeki Tiki and Doctor Who Mini Muglet 4-Pack | Source: Beeline Creative/ the Pop Insider Beeline Creative takes things to the tropics with five different Doctor Who-inspired Geeki Tiki mugs. Fans can bring home Tiki-fied versions of the aforementioned K-9, the Eleventh Doctor, a Dalek, or the Tardis. For those who can’t decide on just one, there’s also a Doctor Who Mini Muglet 4-Pack with the Eleventh Doctor, a Dalek, a Cyberman, and a Weeping Angel. This set comes in a Tardis case — and, yes, I am already planning my next out-of-this-world luau. Doctor Who Keepsake ornaments | Source: Hallmark While Christmas time always seems to be surrounded by falling ships and angry Cybermen, Hallmark is keeping holiday celebrations safe with two new Doctor Who ornaments. The Tardis Keepsake ornament features light and sound effects, while the Fourth Doctor Keepsake ornament is all smiles and swag with his signature scarf. The Series 11 & 12 Trading Cards promo | Source: Rittenhouse Last, but certainly not least, Rittenhouse Archives plans to release Doctor Who: Series 11 and 12 Trading Cards signed by members of the cast, featuring the Doctor herself, Jodie Whittaker. Other signatures include Mandip Gill (Yaz), Tosin Cole (Ryan), Sacha Dhawan (The Master), Patrick O’Kane (The Lone Cyberman), Chris Noth (Jack Robertson), Alan Cumming (King James), and dozens more. In addition, the cards will feature images and plot synopsis from every episode of series 11 and 12. This news comes just in time to fill the Dalek-shaped hole in our hearts that’s been created by the lack of new episodes. If anybody needs me, I’ll be patiently binging Doctor Who on HBO Max while I wait for October to arrive.
SpaceX is hiring a ‘Spaceport Mixologist’ to make cocktails The Verge https://www.theverge.com/2021/8/4/22609916/spacex-job-opening-spaceport-mixologist-starship-elon-musk Elon Musk’s SpaceX is seeking a “Spaceport Mixologist” who can whip up space-themed drinks next to the company’s sprawling rocket factory in south Texas. While space itself likely won’t be in their future, an experienced bartender — who will have one of the coolest job titles — will be tapped to join the hundreds of employees working on SpaceX’s massive Starship rocket system in rural Boca Chica, Texas. The mixologist will probably work out of the small house next to SpaceX’s budding spaceport that Musk calls the Starbase Tiki Bar and sling tiki drinks like the Test Pilot or Jet Pilot. “Experience pairing drinks with a themed menu” is on the list of preferred skills. “SpaceX has a number of food service outlets and formats serving our workforce and are looking to add many more. We are searching for candidates who have superior mixology experience with a focus in resorts, bars, and full service restaurants,” the job description says. Here's the link to SpaceX job description... https://boards.greenhouse.io/spacex/jobs/5417887002?gh_jid=5417887002

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