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  1. Kevin

    Deals! Amazon Prime Day 2020 - Tiki finds!

    It's Amazon Prime Day 2020! That means some good buys for those who buy fast for the limited time deals. https://amzn.to/33YrDC0 Here's some deals still available that Tiki Lounge members might find of interest... Smuggler's Cove: Exotic Cocktails, Rum, and the Cult of Tiki, Hardcover - 40%...
  2. Kevin

    Site Updates - Aug 25, 2020

    The site has gotten some updates, please let us know if you notice anything weird! The site should be a little faster when reloading pages, useful for the threads with lots of images in them. GIPHY is available! In the editor toolbar choose the "GIF" icon. PWA support is available! You...
  3. Kevin

    Disney Limited-Edition Disney Tiki Mickey Mouse Plush - Amazon Exclusive

    The Amazon exclusive "Limited-Edition Disney Tiki Mickey Mouse Plush" is temporarily back in stock! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B081ZNKVCV Amazon has a limit of one per customer and are expected to sell out fast. I've placed my order this morning. :D
  4. Kevin

    Wanted Looking for a Polynesian Pleasures Tiki Lounge bar light from Spencers!

    I'm looking for a 'Tiki Lounge' light that was originally sold by Spencer's Gifts with 'Polynesian Pleasures' branding. This would be great in my home office but I seem to always miss them when I come across one for sale and, the last one I did find, the seller didn't want to ship. :(
  5. Kevin

    Do you have contingency plans for your Tiki / Mugs / Collectibles? 🤔

    Having collected sci-fi item for several decades, and lately have been getting into Tiki and MCM collectibles, the thought of what will happen to all of those items if something happens to me is a real concern. There really aren't others in my family who would be aware of the true value of some...
  6. Kevin

    Working on the "Home" page

    I'm working on the front "Home" page yet, trying to find a good balance of what to have on the front page as we grow. Be sure to give your ideas on what you'd like to see! 👍
  7. Kevin

    Kon-Tiki (1950)

    If anybody is stuck home during the COVID-19 coronavirus lockdown, the original 1950 version of Kon-Tiki is available on YouTube. :cool: Kon-Tiki" was the name of a wooden raft used by six Norwegian-Swedish scientists, led by Thor Heyerdahl, to make a 101-day journey from South America to the...
  8. Kevin

    Howdy! I'm Kevin 🍍

    Greetings! I'm Kevin, an IT geek with way too many hobbies. 🤣 I've been collecting and enjoying midcentury stylings for a long time now with a particular fondness for the 'spage age' era where American tiki pop mixed in with space pop and 'googie' architecture was all the rage with a bit of...
  9. Kevin

    What are you listening to? 🎵

    What's currently playing on your listening playlist? 🤘 I think I've been driving Mrs. Kevin nuts by having this play at nearly full volume while I'm home working during the great Quarantiki of 2020.
  10. Kevin

    Paintings El Gato Gomez painting - "Retro mid century modern sci-fi outer space martian alien"

    Woohoo, my new painting by El Gato Gomez arrived safe & sound in one piece! :cool: I couldn't resist, the price was just too good to pass up. Even though I'm working from home during the great "Quarantiki" I have some extra time because I'm no longer commuting to the office so I'm working on...