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  1. Kevin

    Mugs Fall Down the Rabbit Hole of Geeki Tikis with ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Mugs

    Of them the Mad Hatter is catching my attention. 👍
  2. Kevin

    Tiki A Tiki Outdoor Pizza Oven? 🍕🗿🤔

    I saw a marketplace listing on Facebook that made me immediately pause and take another look. Please tell me I'm not the only on who sees it! 😂 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1512866192817686
  3. Kevin

    Lego Tropical Tiki Lounge [Lego Ideas]

    If you're a Lego fan check out the Lego Tropical Tiki Lounge project in the Lego Ideas site! :cool: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/77b602bb-28a1-4d2b-ba76-4c1bf7c24978 If you're not familiar with Lego Ideas, it is a way for the public to submit ideas for new Lego set ideas and then they can...
  4. Kevin

    Aloha from Milton Moai

    Greetings, and welcome to the lounge!
  5. Kevin

    Music Looking for some new Music

    I'm checking out the site now! :cool: A heads-up, when adding the link to your make sure you use HTTPS (like https://www.mrmoai.com) in the URL to avoid Chrome giving a security error the first time Chrome users click on the link. When Chrome users click on a link that is HTTP instead of HTTPS...
  6. Kevin

    Greetings! Love the background image on your profile page! :cool:

    Greetings! Love the background image on your profile page! :cool:
  7. Kevin

    TV Tales of the Gold Monkey

    If it's out there, I haven't found it it. I don't have Roku to check but, as of the moment, I can say it's not on the services listed below in the US. I can't help but wonder if it is related to issues with Stephen Collins. Netflix Peacock Tubi FreeVee Pluto Amazon Prime (oddly, it doesn't...
  8. Kevin

    Disney Disney+ Subscribers Can Get Early Access to ShopDisney’s Indiana Jones Collection

    Ooooh, I like the 'tiki' shirt. :cool: And the headband is awesome in a so-kitschy-that-I-would-wear-it-just-for-fun way. :LOL:
  9. Kevin

    Mugs You Won’t Have to Scour Any Tombs to Get Tons of New Indiana Jones Merch

    I kinda' like this one! It's a little different from the usual pop-culture mugs and is one of the memorable scenes from the movie.
  10. Kevin

    Mugs "Groovy Greg" mug by Tiki Maniacs

    That would make sense. It's been ages since I've seen that episode and I can visualize it but not remember any of the dialog. 👍 @Kahuna If you have access to Paramount+ the original The Brady Bunch series is available. S2E18 "Our Son the Man" is what you're after. For the heck of it, I may...
  11. Kevin

    Anybody familiar with the old "Aloha Inn Restaurant" in Blue Bell, PA (Norristown area)?

    Greetings! :smiley: I am really happy to see that somebody else remembers it! I moved out of Norristown around the turn of the century (saying that makes me feel really, really old :LOL:) and these days only make a few trips a year down there. If you recall the area, some local spots like...
  12. Kevin

    Tiki Trucker Hats

    Nice Cledus reference. :D
  13. Kevin

    Books Tiki Magazine and Tiki Magazine and More.

    Good write-up about the creation of the original Tiki News magazine. :cool: https://punchdrink.com/articles/fit-to-print-tiki-news-magazine/
  14. Kevin

    United World of Tiki Passport Book!

    It's a cool concept for travellers. :cool: Rewatching the video, I notice now the names are shown for the US states in the screenshot but not in the video for the non-US pages. Yep, you got me thinking of ideas. I'll find out after the next batch ships. :D
  15. Kevin

    United World of Tiki Passport Book!

    That looks pretty cool! I noticed in the video that the names aren't shown in the grid in the video. Just curious, what is thought on how to handle locations that have closed?
  16. Kevin

    Books Tiki Magazine and Tiki Magazine and More.

    Welcome! I'm not familiar with "Tiki Magazine and More". I know that "Tiki Magazine" was a successor to "Tiki News" but didn't realize that there was another mag after Tiki Magazine ended in 2017. The only current mag that I'm aware of is Exotica Moderne published by House of Tabu. If I...
  17. Kevin

    Anybody familiar with the old "Aloha Inn Restaurant" in Blue Bell, PA (Norristown area)?

    Greetings! If you remember the pig roast 🐖 then check out this article I found from 1993, definitely brings back some memories. I don't know what newspaper or publication "The Mustang" was but so far it's the only thing I've been able to find online about Aloha Inn.
  18. Kevin

    KC Jones

    KC, welcome! Wait, somebody is using "darthtater.com" as their name? And is that MTG as in Magic The Gathering? 🤔
  19. Kevin

    Sculptor claims Disney stole his figurine design in viral TikTok

    Costa Alavezos is a "Product Design Manager" who works for Disney. He might be having some problems with his bosses right about now. :eek:
  20. Kevin

    Nevada The Golden Tiki - Las Vegas

    I'm still trying to convince my wife for a trip to Vegas; I'm hoping in a post-COVID world it'll be easier to get her to agree.