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  1. Kahuna

    Drinks Coconut Mango Tiki Cocktail (created by ChatGPT 🤖)

    Lately I have been playing with ChatGPT and was wondering if it can create new drinks. Here is what it created when I asked to create a new "tiki" drink. Who is brave enough to try it? 😆 Coconut Mango Tiki Cocktail (created by ChatGPT) This cocktail is a fruity and refreshing twist on a...
  2. Z

    United World of Tiki Passport Book!

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to announce my new book called the "United World of Tiki Passport". The book is slightly larger than your standard passport and contains every legitimate Tiki bar around the world listed by continent and then by country (and then again, alphabetically by city). Each...