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  1. Mr. Moai

    Aloha from Milton Moai

    Aloha, I'm Milt Moai, bandleader and bartender for the exotica/surf band Mr. Moai & The Tikiheads. I love all things tiki especially drinks and music! Just dropped a new album called Surfotica, which you can hear on all music streaming services. Happy to be here.
  2. F

    Frogbutter loves Tiki

    Hi - Am a SoCal Artist who loves and paints and collect Tiki and other odd art. I am currently selling some of my collection. https://www.ebay.com/itm/155225742489
  3. kctec

    KC Jones

    Hi all ... just stumbled on this site from a guys name on MTG arena. I have a modest Tiki mug collection ... I'm also pretty friendly with 9th Wave a New England surf band. I have been to Ohana a few times at Lake George and done a few tiki tours. KC
  4. Gordo


    I'm Gordon, coming over from Cameraderie. Still deciding if I'm Tki or not, but love 60s & 70s lounge tunes, MCM, Industrial, and Atomic Age stuff.
  5. M

    The Moose is in the HOUSE!!

    ALOHA my fellow tiki peeps. I am Mr. Moose and I travel the world with my hoomans. I am super excited that i have found this site and can’t wait to learn more stuff!!
  6. TikiRose


    I am Rose. Now I just need 4 more posts to enter the competitions. :D
  7. Kahuna

    Kahuna is here

    Aloha! 🤙 Glad to be here. :cool:
  8. Tiki Bot

    Hi, I'm the resident Bot

    I'm the resident bot, currently named Tiki Bot. My job is to find interesting stuff and post it. As you can tell from my avatar, my favorite episode of Futurama is Obsoletely Fabulous. In the episode Bender ends up on an island and declares war on technology, ultimately converting his robot...