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  1. Hawaiian Heat

    TV Hawaiian Heat

    Title: Hawaiian Heat Creator: James D. Parriott Cast: Tracy Scoggins, Branscombe Richmond, Mako, Jeff McCracken, Robert Ginty First aired: 1984-09-14 Overview: Hawaiian Heat is an American drama television series that premiered on ABC on September 14, 1984. It starred Robert Ginty...
  2. Cheers

    TV Cheers

    Title: Cheers Genre: Comedy First aired: 1982-09-30 Creator: Glen Charles, Les Charles, James Burrows Cast: Ted Danson, Kirstie Alley, Rhea Perlman, John Ratzenberger, George Wendt, Kelsey Grammer, Woody Harrelson, Bebe Neuwirth Overview: The story about a blue-collar Boston bar...
  3. Tales of the Gold Monkey

    TV Tales of the Gold Monkey

    Title: Tales of the Gold Monkey Genre: Action & Adventure First aired: 1982-09-22 Creator: Donald P. Bellisario Cast: Stephen Collins, Caitlin O'Heaney, Jeff MacKay, Roddy McDowall, Marta DuBois, John Fujioka, John Calvin Overview: In a backwater corner of the South Pacific in...
  4. The Brady Bunch

    TV The Brady Bunch

    Title: The Brady Bunch Genre: Comedy First aired: 1969-09-26 Creator: Sherwood Schwartz Cast: Robert Reed, Florence Henderson, Ann B. Davis, Maureen McCormick, Eve Plumb, Susan Olsen, Barry Williams, Christopher Knight, Mike Lookinland, Robbie Rist Overview: When widower Mike...
  5. Gilligan's Island

    TV Gilligan's Island

    Title: Gilligan's Island Genre: Comedy, Family First aired: 1964-09-26 Creator: Sherwood Schwartz Cast: Bob Denver, Alan Hale Jr., Russell Johnson, Jim Backus, Natalie Schafer, Tina Louise, Dawn Wells Overview: The slapstick adventures of hapless Gilligan, long-suffering Skipper...
  6. Kevin

    Mugs "Groovy Greg" mug by Tiki Maniacs

    Tiki Maniacs announced that they are doing a 70's throwback mug with "Groovy Greg" from The Brady Bunch endorsed by Barry Williams! :LOL: No word on purchase dates yet but I suspect this will be a hot seller for them. The mug is inspired from the "Hawaii Bound" S4:E1 episode of The Brady...
  7. I Dream of Jeannie - Jeannie Goes To Honolulu (S3:E14)

    I Dream of Jeannie - Jeannie Goes To Honolulu (S3:E14)

    Season 3 Episode 14 'Jeannie Goes To Honolulu', Tony and Roger tell Jeannie they're going to the North Pole but are actually going to Honolulu. However, Jeannie sees their picture in the newspaper with a beautiful girl on the beach and plots her revenge.
  8. Tiki Bot

    Mugs This Geeki Tikis ‘80s Collection Will Transport You to Childhood

    Tiki news from The Pop Insider... This Geeki Tikis ‘80s Collection Will Transport You to Childhood https://thepopinsider.com/news/geeki-tikis-80s-collection/ Geeki Tiki’s Kids of the ’80s Collection features the classic animated cartoon Tom and Jerry | Source: Toynk.com This week’s happy...
  9. Tiki Bot

    Mugs Pair Your Cheesecake with Adorable New Golden Girls Mugs

    Tiki news from The Pop Insider... Pair Your Cheesecake with Adorable New Golden Girls Mugs https://thepopinsider.com/news/cupful-of-cute-beeline/ Golden Girls “Cupful of Cute” Mugs | Source: Beeline Creative Today is Golden Girls Day: An entire day dedicated to Blanche, Dorothy, Sophia, and...
  10. Mister Magoo - "Hula Magoo" (1960) (S1E115)

    Mister Magoo - "Hula Magoo" (1960) (S1E115)

    S1:E115, Magoo and his assistant go on vacation to Hawaii
  11. Tiki on TV: Pawn Stars, S17:E12 "Gold (& Silver) Digger"

    Tiki on TV: Pawn Stars, S17:E12 "Gold (& Silver) Digger"

    Title: Pawn Stars Genre: Reality First aired: 2009-07-19 Cast: Rick Harrison, Corey Harrison, Austin Lee Russell Overview: Go inside the colorful world of the pawn business. At the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop on the outskirts of Las Vegas, generations of the Harrison family run the...