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Deals! 2021 Tiki Holiday Sales (Thanksgiving / Black Friday / Christmas)


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Brad Parker of Tiki Shark has a sale on for up to 85%(!) some items. Mugs, prints, and collectibles are all included. This is a great chance to pick up some giclee prints at a great price!

The crew at Tikiland Trading are doing "Mystery Boxes" sales.

Aloha and Kungaloosh,​
In anticipation of Black Friday, we have just released a limited amount of Tiki tOny Mystery Boxes for the special price of $35!​
Along with a guaranteed ‘Lost Ruins Lagoon’ Jigsaw Puzzle, each box includes several mysterious tropical treasures, such as Pillow Covers and Art Prints, that can be added to your collection of Tiki tOny creations!​
There’s two different Mystery Boxes to choose from, both of which are valued at $85!​
See the mystery boxes here:​
Anne (Lost Tiki Girl), Joel (Lost Tiki), Tiki tOny, and the entire TikiLand Trading Co. Crew​
Postal mail:​
Tikiland Trading Co.​
668 North Coast Highway​
Laguna Beach, CA 92651​
Tiki Farm is doing 35% off some of their mugs for Black Friday weekend.