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Anybody familiar with the old "Aloha Inn Restaurant" in Blue Bell, PA (Norristown area)?


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Growing up in a part of the burbs' outside of Philly there really weren't any "Tiki" restaurants in the area and, in my youth, was too young of to venture into Philly. The closest in the area was a restaurant named named Aloha Inn that was in a strip mall in Blue Bell, PA. At the time it stood out because it was a Chinese restaurant with a heavy amount of Hawaiian influence, including the meals and decor. These days it would be called a "fusion" restaurant.

It was one of my absolute favorite places to visit and it was always something I looked forward to when our Mom took us there. Over time I married and moved away from the area, to an area with even less diverse dining choices :(, and Aloha Inn closed their doors at some point. I don't get down to that area very often these days but when I do, and happen to drive by, I can't help but think of that restaurant and wish they were still open.

Does anybody know what happened to it? Or, heck, is anybody even familiar with it?! :D Doing a Google search I can't find any pictures of it or even mention of it other than an obituary for the owner, Lewis Chant.


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Good to see you posting again!