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Do you have contingency plans for your Tiki / Mugs / Collectibles? 🤔

Do you have contingency plans for your collectibles? 🤔

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Having collected sci-fi item for several decades, and lately have been getting into Tiki and MCM collectibles, the thought of what will happen to all of those items if something happens to me is a real concern. There really aren't others in my family who would be aware of the true value of some of items so it's distressing to think about some of the stuff ending up at the local 'thrift store' or, worse, tossed in the trash. The thought, for example, of author signed manuscripts or original art pieces being destroyed is migraine inducing! :eek:

Do you have any contingency plans for your collectibles? Do you maintain a master list of everything and make sure a hard-copy will be found? Have you made arrangements already with a family member or friend? Provisions made for them in your will?
when I am dead, I will have no worries about anything
Lately the topic has been on my mind and initially I was worried that after I'm gone that those going through my collections would have no idea what they're worth.

But... I'm at peace with that and it kind of makes me happy to think that all of the stuff will find their way to local thrift shops & Goodwill stores. That way somebody else who who might know what the items are will be excited and happy to find something at a great price that they'll be able to add to their own collection. There are a few things that I may have to make provisions for, such as autographed manuscripts, but I'd say about 99% of the stuff are durable items that I'd be happy to think of finding their way out into the world and into the hands of others.