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Do you like the smell of natural bamboo? 🐼

Do you like the smell of natural bamboo? 🐼

  • Yes

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  • I did not know natural bamboo had an odor

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Random question... do you like the smell of natural bamboo?

I picked up some natural bamboo drink stirrers from a restaurant supply company and after opening the bag I put it in a big Ziploc baggie to keep them dry and clean. Much to my chagrin I realized that it resulted in a strong smell every time I opened the Ziploc.

Honestly, I didn't know that natural bamboo even had a smell since it is not an item usually found around here. Poking around the ol' internet I quickly found out that, indeed, natural bamboo has a smell. I'd be tempted to describe it as a sweet flowery smell but, as weird as it may sound, the smell reminds me of cakes baking in the oven. As a kid I worked in a bakery and the smell made me think of those days.

Assuming that you're not a panda, do you like the smell?

Ooooh, that makes sense, and sounds good! :D Until I saw your response I was thinking along the lines of an Italian Rum Cake and was wondering how could somebody tiki-fy one of them.

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4 easy modifications to tikify

1. Wherever the Italian recipe calls for amaretto, use Trader Vic’s Macadmia Nut Liqueur
2. Use good rum
3. No white frosting/walls
4. Put pineapple on top

I used to play with this other ukulele player who made the most fabulous pineapple upside down cake.we would eat that by the handful. I regret not getting the recipe before that band broke up