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Mugs "Groovy Greg" mug by Tiki Maniacs


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Tiki Maniacs announced that they are doing a 70's throwback mug with "Groovy Greg" from The Brady Bunch endorsed by Barry Williams! :LOL:

No word on purchase dates yet but I suspect this will be a hot seller for them. The mug is inspired from the "Hawaii Bound" S4:E1 episode of The Brady Bunch TV series where Bobby finds a hidden Hawaiian idol. Thinking it means good luck, Bobby gives the idol to Greg (Williams) for luck during a surfing competition that Greg is participating in. After a series of mishaps and advice from an older Hawaiian the Brady gang knows that it is actually bad luck to have removed the idol and must return it to the cave where Bobby found it. Making a surprise appearance, Vince Price plays a mentally disturbed archeologist who traps the Brady kids in the cave.

The infamous tiki idol from the episode is in the possession of Williams who, according to his 2000 book "Growing Up Brady", found it while going through old props from the show.


Aloha! Well, if you watched the Instagram Live show last night you witnessed first hand the cursed tabu tiki idol playing one more trick on us as we experienced technical issues right as Barry Williams came on to reveal our new mug! Fortunately everything turned out a-ok and we are thrilled to share pictures of our new mug — Groovy Greg! This is our tribute to the great actor who so many of us wished was our big brother and got to experience the wonder of tiki for the first time growing up in the 70s. Make sure to like and follow us and stay tuned for more details in the coming days…​
He may have called himself that to the older girl he was flirting with. Or she called him that because he was overboard on the hippy trend.
That would make sense. It's been ages since I've seen that episode and I can visualize it but not remember any of the dialog. 👍

@Kahuna If you have access to Paramount+ the original The Brady Bunch series is available. S2E18 "Our Son the Man" is what you're after. For the heck of it, I may have to rewatch it. :LOL: