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Howdy! I'm Kevin 🍍


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Greetings! I'm Kevin, an IT geek with way too many hobbies. 🤣

I've been collecting and enjoying midcentury stylings for a long time now with a particular fondness for the 'spage age' era where American tiki pop mixed in with space pop and 'googie' architecture was all the rage with a bit of brutalist thrown in. I think it was from being a kid in the 70's watching a huge array of different shows like Gilligan's Island to Star Trek and everything between including a good amount of old B&W movies.

Away from the keyboard I'm married with two fuzzy dogs (my buddies!). These days I've been trying to limit my short attention span number of hobbies to just a few subjects so that means I can usually be found playing around with photography, gadgets, reading, watching movies, and scouring the local antique & vintage stores for stuff to add to my home office collection.

And, yes, that is me in my avatar pic. :D It's from a vacation to the Dole Pineapple 🍍 plantation in Hawaii.

PS: I'll admit it now, I don't drink! 🧉 That means many of the really cool looking & sounding 'tiki drinks' are lost on me though lately I have been pondering how many of them could be converted to be a 'mocktail'.