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Wanted Looking for a Polynesian Pleasures Tiki Lounge bar light from Spencers!


Staff member
I'm looking for a 'Tiki Lounge' light that was originally sold by Spencer's Gifts with 'Polynesian Pleasures' branding.

This would be great in my home office but I seem to always miss them when I come across one for sale and, the last one I did find, the seller didn't want to ship. :(


Just wondering if anyone knows how old these are and when they were for sale at Spencers?
To my knowledge, they were a Spencer's item sold in their stores in the early 2000's. So far I've seen two different lights with the same branding and packaging, this one and another one with "Voodoo Lounge Wicked Drinks" on it.

The Voodoo Lounge version is more colorful but I've been after the Tiki Lounge version since it's our site's namesake. :D