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Mugs Pair Your Cheesecake with Adorable New Golden Girls Mugs

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Pair Your Cheesecake with Adorable New Golden Girls Mugs


Golden Girls “Cupful of Cute” Mugs | Source: Beeline Creative

Today is Golden Girls Day: An entire day dedicated to Blanche, Dorothy, Sophia, and Rose. Beeline Creative is celebrating by unveiling a brand new collection of adorable mugs.

The new “Cupful of Cute” line of mugs is, well, exactly as it sounds. Designed by Jerrod Maruyama, each mug captures a different member of the fab four with adorable detail. Dorothy is ready to talk some sense into someone, Rose is just about to talk about her days in St. Olaf, Blanche is scheming, and Sophia looks like someone told her they’re putting her on the next flight to Sicily.


These mugs are the perfect place to put your coffee as you eat cheesecake and catch up with your old friends. They’re also great for an afternoon tea or evening cocktail. Basically, if Golden Girls reruns are on (which is always), these are a golden pair for your beverage of choice while you watch. They’re similar to Beeline Creative’s Golden Girl Geeki Tikis but less tropical — unless they have a fruity drink inside — for everyday use.

Each “Cupful of Cute” mug is sold separately. Find all four — and so. much. more. Golden Girls merch — now on toynk.com!
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