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Site Updates - Oct 2, 2021


Staff member
Some maintenance on the site, making sure everything is running smoothly. :)

Most of it was 'behind-the-scenes' stuff but one things folks may notice is that the Tiki Lounge smilies have been updated. For those familiar with using emoji on your phones or other devices, the difference between "smilies" and "emoji" is that smilies are images that are available directly on the site you're visiting while emoji are pretty much universal that you select from your phone/device.

When in the editor click on the smiley face icon in the toolbar to see the Tiki Lounge smilies. You may notice a theme. :D

Besides using the Tiki Lounge smilies you can of course also use just about any of the emoji available on your phone/device. Let us know if any questions.