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Tiki (2006)

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Title: Tiki (2006)

Tagline: Evil Things Come in Small Packages

Genre: Horror

Director: Ron Ford

Cast: Joelene Smith, Maria Caprile, Tanya Morton, Wes Deitrick, Angela Dierdorff Petro, Holly Pugsley, Brynnda Napier, Ashley Williamson-Payne, Megan Morgan, Heather Swanstrom, D.R. Anderson, Jeremy Lindholm, Jerry Sciarrio, Jamie Flannery, Michael Weaver

Release: 2006-10-10

Runtime: 120

Plot: When Amy moves from her beloved Hawaiian Islands to study drama on the mainland, she has little cause to rejoice as a gang of vicious co-eds plots to make her life a living hell. With the aid of their boyfriends, the girls set Amy up as the target of a horrendous prank that results in the young girl falling victim to a brain seizure from which she may never recover. Seeking answers, her aunt Maelea arrives with a special Tiki doll -- specially designed to kill! Through magic, she coaxes Amy's subconscious spirit to enter the idol's body and bring it to hideous life. Now the idol tracks down the students one by one to exact its grisly revenge in a relentless assault of Tiki terror!
Tiki (2006)