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Books Tiki Magazine and Tiki Magazine and More.


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I a trying to find out how many issues were published of Tiki Magazine and also how many were published of its successor Tiki Magazine and More. Does anyone have a list? Many thanks. My first post here.


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I'm not familiar with "Tiki Magazine and More". I know that "Tiki Magazine" was a successor to "Tiki News" but didn't realize that there was another mag after Tiki Magazine ended in 2017.

The only current mag that I'm aware of is Exotica Moderne published by House of Tabu. If I recall correctly, they're up to issue #16.


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Thanks for the reply. What I have been able to discern is that Tiki Magazine published I think three issues a yea rbeginning in the Spring of 2005 until the summer/Fall of 2013. That would be 26 issues in all. I have confirmeds that 22 of the 26 exist. I need to confirm Vol 6, issue 2; Vol 6 issue 3; Volume 7, issue 3 and Volume 8, issue 3 The magazine was sold and rebranded as Tiki Magazine & More and began publishing four times a year in the Spring of 2014 but ran into trouble in 2016. I think the last issue was 2017 making ten issues in all. From what I have read on the internet I think the editor or his family had serious health issues and they stopped publishing. Thanks for the data on Exotica Moderne magazine. Any further information from anyone would be appreciated.