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Title: Red Morning Genre: Adventure, Drama Director: Wallace Fox Cast: Steffi Duna, Regis Toomey, Raymond Hatton, Mitchell Lewis, Charles Middleton, George J. Lewis, Francis McDonald, Pat West, Brandon Hurst, Willie Fung, Olaf Hytten, Alphonse Ethier, Lionel Belmore, James A. Marcus Release: 1934-12-14 Runtime: 66 Plot: A captain's daughter become marooned on an island after the ship is taken over by a mutinous crew.
An immersive experience that transports travelers to an island paradise! 🌴 Dishing out creative interpretations of Tiki drinks alongside a food menu that blends Polynesian and Japanese influences. In fall 2012, Chef/Owner Tatsu Aikawa started Ramen Tatsu-Ya with friends and family. After spending time at the Michelin-starred kaiseki/sushi bar Urasawa in Los Angeles, Tatsu returned to Austin to introduce authentic Japanese ramen to Texas. Ramen Tatsu-Ya soon became a reality, and the shop...
Tiki news from The Pop Insider... You Won’t Have to Scour Any Tombs to Get Tons of New Indiana Jones Merch https://thepopinsider.com/news/new-indiana-jones-merch-2023/ There’s incredible merch for every type of collector! | Source: U.S. Wings/Gentle Giant LTD/Beeline Creative/Funko/The Pop Insider Get ready to gather your own personal museum of Indiana Jones merch! Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny is coming to theaters on June 30, and Disney is getting fans ready with a full treasure trove of nostalgic merch dropping in anticipation. Whether you want to look like Indy or add him to your collection shelf, there’s an option for you! With merch makers like Funko, Beeline Creative, and more, Indiana Jones has never been so ready for action. Indiana Jones – Indiana Jones Treasure Premier Collection Statue ($200) Raiders of the Lost Ark – Indiana Jones Jumbo Figure ($80) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade – Dr. Henry Jones Sr. Mini Bust ($130) Raiders of the Lost Ark – Indiana Jones Legends in 3-Dimensions Bust ($200) Raiders of the Lost Ark – The Golden Idol Bank ($39.99) Raiders of the Lost Ark – Indiana Jones (Escape with Idol) Deluxe Gallery Diorama ($80) Source: Gentle Giant LTD Gentle Giant has a huge new line of Indiana Jones collectibles that will make any shelf shine. From a truly unique option for coin storage with The Golden Idol Bank to hyper-realistic statues, dioramas, and busts, there’s an incredible array of Indy goods to grab. The full new collection is available to browse and preorder via an official blog post from Gentle Giant. Indiana Jones & Short Round Limited Edition 18-20oz Cupful of Cute Mug Set ($55.99) Geeki Tiki Indiana Jones With Henry Jones Limited Edition 26 Ounce Ceramic Mug ($45.99) Geeki Tiki Indiana Jones Raiders Of The Lost Ark 24 Ounce Scenic Mug ($45.99) Source: Beeline Creative If you’ve got the perfect figures picked out, you’ll need a good drink to sip while you rewatch all of the Indy classics. And Beeline Creative has the perfect mugs for that! The new collection includes adorable Cupful of Cute mugs themed around the characters, as well as fun and detailed Geeki Tiki mugs depicting scenes, characters, and iconic items from the Indiana Jones movies. Morning coffee will never be lacking in adventure! The mugs are currently available for preorder with 20% off from Toynk. They’re also available for preorder from Entertainment Earth. Indiana Jones Raiders Of The Lost Ark Mini Backpack With Coin Purse ($90) Loungefly Pop! Indiana Jones Raiders Of The Lost Ark Sliding Pin ($20) Source: Loungefly When you’ve got to get on your artifact-hunting journey, you know Loungefly will have you covered with a new backpack to match the occasion. The Raiders of the Lost Ark Mini Backpack comes with an idol coin purse and features Indy in the iconic scene when he’s running from a boulder! Loungefly is also offering a Pop! style enamel pin featuring the same scene. Get notified as soon as they release here at the Loungefly website. Source: Funko There is also an impressive pile of new Indiana Jones Pop! figures coming in from Funko, including the iconic boulder scene, villains like Major Arnold Toht, and a deluxe SFX figure that features lights and sounds. These figures — and more — will be available soon from major retailers as well as the Funko website! Dorfman Milano Last Crusade Indiana Jones Vintage Cowhide Leather Jacket ($695-$715) Dorfman Milano Katanga Source: Dorfman Milano/U.S. Wings With all of the Indy collectibles you could need, the next step is to dress like Indy himself! The brands U.S. Wings and Dorfman Milano have the jackets and hats you need for people to mistake you for the iconic archeologist. The Indiana Jones jackets from U.S. Wings are inspired by Indy’s signature style and feature quality materials and fun internal patterns. Browse the collection of jackets and hats now at the U.S. Wings website. Dorfman Milano also has some Indy hats available, including the iconic fedora that Indiana Jones sports. Have a look now at the Dorfman Milano website. This is just a small sample of all the goods hitting shelves for Indiana Jones fans! We already told you about the new Funko Games Indiana Jones tabletop offerings and the new adult LEGO set featuring the full Temple of the Golden Idol. We also talked about Hasbro’s newest Indiana Jones figures, which the company teased at Star Wars Celebration. With all of this merch and more surely on the way with the new movie’s release, nostalgic fans of the film series can truly experience a revival of their favorite adventuring archeologist!
Here is something that does not happen very often! A new Moai statue has been found on Easter Island! 🗿😲 https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2023/03/02/easter-island-discovery-new-statue-found/11381758002/
Tiki Maniacs announced that they are doing a 70's throwback mug with "Groovy Greg" from The Brady Bunch endorsed by Barry Williams! :LOL: No word on purchase dates yet but I suspect this will be a hot seller for them. The mug is inspired from the "Hawaii Bound" S4:E1 episode of The Brady Bunch TV series where Bobby finds a hidden Hawaiian idol. Thinking it means good luck, Bobby gives the idol to Greg (Williams) for luck during a surfing competition that Greg is participating in. After a series of mishaps and advice from an older Hawaiian the Brady gang knows that it is actually bad luck to have removed the idol and must return it to the cave where Bobby found it. Making a surprise appearance, Vince Price plays a mentally disturbed archeologist who traps the Brady kids in the cave. The infamous tiki idol from the episode is in the possession of Williams who, according to his 2000 book "Growing Up Brady", found it while going through old props from the show. Aloha! Well, if you watched the Instagram Live show last night you witnessed first hand the cursed tabu tiki idol playing one more trick on us as we experienced technical issues right as Barry Williams came on to reveal our new mug! Fortunately everything turned out a-ok and we are thrilled to share pictures of our new mug — Groovy Greg! This is our tribute to the great actor who so many of us wished was our big brother and got to experience the wonder of tiki for the first time growing up in the 70s. Make sure to like and follow us and stay tuned for more details in the coming days…
Growing up in a part of the burbs' outside of Philly there really weren't any "Tiki" restaurants in the area and, in my youth, was too young to venture into Philly. The closest in the area was a restaurant named named Aloha Inn that was in a strip mall in Blue Bell, PA. At the time it stood out because it was a Chinese restaurant with a heavy amount of Hawaiian influence, including the meals and decor. These days it would be called a "fusion" menu restaurant. It was one of my absolute favorite places to visit and it was always something I looked forward to when our Mom took us there. Over time I married and moved away from the area, to an area with even less diverse dining choices :(, and Aloha Inn closed their doors at some point. I don't get down to that area very often these days but when I do, and happen to drive by, I can't help but think of that restaurant and wish they were still open. Does anybody know what happened to it? Or, heck, is anybody even familiar with it?! :D Doing a Google search I can't find any pictures of it or even mention of it other than an obituary for the owner, Lewis Chant.
Checkout these Tiki Trucker hats, how fun!!! Tiki Trucker Hats https://www.zazzle.com/store/shakashaka Mahalo
Lately I have been playing with ChatGPT and was wondering if it can create new drinks. Here is what it created when I asked to create a new "tiki" drink. Who is brave enough to try it? 😆 Coconut Mango Tiki Cocktail (created by ChatGPT) This cocktail is a fruity and refreshing twist on a classic tiki drink, perfect for enjoying on a warm day or at a tropical-themed party. Ingredients: 1 1/2 oz dark rum 1 oz coconut cream 1 oz fresh mango juice 1/2 oz lime juice 1/2 oz orange curaçao 1/2 oz simple syrup Angostura bitters Crushed ice Pineapple wedge and mint sprig for garnish Instructions: In a cocktail shaker, combine the rum, coconut cream, mango juice, lime juice, orange curaçao, and simple syrup. Add a few dashes of Angostura bitters. Fill the shaker with ice and shake vigorously for about 10-15 seconds. Fill a tiki glass with crushed ice. Strain the cocktail into the glass. Garnish with a pineapple wedge and a mint sprig.
Hi everyone! I just wanted to announce my new book called the "United World of Tiki Passport". The book is slightly larger than your standard passport and contains every legitimate Tiki bar around the world listed by continent and then by country (and then again, alphabetically by city). Each page is a different country or state with the right side set up as a grid and each Tiki bar listed, one bar per square on the grid. When you arrive at one of the bars, you can then scratch off the name (similar to a lottery scratcher), revealing the logo of the bar underneath. The left side is the map of the country and little pineapple icons denoting the location of the Tiki bars within the country. But this isn't only a scratch-your-way-around-the-world. Included is a brief history of the origins of Tiki starting from Donn Beach's sea adventures in 1929, all the way to Tiki's evolution (and revolution) in the mid-2000s. Further still, each "chapter" starts with historical and geographical facts about the continent coming up in the book. Please feel free to see some photos and reels on my Instagram for details (@zickazack) as well as the Kickstarter where you can actually back the project and receive a passport of your very own!! (Click here for Kickstarter link) If you have any questions, please either post them here or you can DM me on my Instagram (see handle above). It would mean the world to me if I can actually get this project printed and sent out to everyone who has a love for Tiki and world travel. Thanks very much for taking the time to read and I hope one day our paths will cross in some Tiki bar far away, and we can scratch it off our passport together!
I a trying to find out how many issues were published of Tiki Magazine and also how many were published of its successor Tiki Magazine and More. Does anyone have a list? Many thanks. My first post here.
The Mai-Kai was created by Bob and Jack Thornton. The brothers visited Don the Beachcomber’s in Chicago, as children, and even at that young age said they wanted to open a similar place. Their original design cost 300 thousand dollars; it was the most expensive restaurant built in 1956. In its first year it earned over one million dollars, becoming one of the most successful restaurants of its time and for many years it sold more rum than any location in the United States. The Mai-Kai...
Originally established in 1950 as The Mandarin House, able to accomodate 40-50 customers, the Kowloon Restaurant has grown to a capacity of 1200 seats and has become one of the premier multi-concept dining establishments in the United States. In 1958 Madeline and Bill Wong bought out the first generation owners and began the second generation of family ownership of the restaurant. They changed the name to Kowloon Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge and began to grow the business. In the...
Jill is at Kahuna Blasting’ out my favorite song Nights are getting warmer It won’t be long Won’t be long til summer comes Now that The Shrunken Heads are here again! Jill Martini & The Shrunken Heads return to Kahuna Tiki Tu in North Hollywood for a night of magnificent cocktails, fabulous sushi, and our own brand of exotic, sultry music. 3/26/2022, 730-930pm, Kahuna Tiki Tu, 12600 Riverside Drive, Valley Village/North Hollywood, CA. #jillmartiniandtheshrunkenheads #jillmartiniwahine #kahunatikitu #tikirevival #dolewhip #favoritewahine

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