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Music The Tiki Lounge on the Live365 Internet Radio Network

Sean Bianco

New member
Hey everybody,
I welcome everybody to listen to my new Tiki Lounge program on the Live365 Internet radio network.
The name of my new station is Bianco's Opera Lounge....let me explain.

I was an opera host on a California NPR affiliate for 25 years. My show along with several others were canceled when the station encountered some major financial problems so, to continue my passion for opera and tiki music I turned to the internet and partnered with Live365 and started a new chapter in my radio career.

The Tiki Lounge broadcasts every Saturday from 5-7pm, Pacific Standard Time and rebroadcasts on Sunday at 12:30 pm PST and the following Friday from 5-7pm PST.

From Martin Denny to Don Tiki and everything in between, you will hear the best of the best of the Tiki lounge music world from the 1950s through the 1990s and beyond...

Bianco's Opera Lounge - Free Internet Radio - Live365

The Tiki show is a lot of fun so check it out.
When the show time arrives go to this link and press the play arrow on the right.

If you have any questions please email me at sbianco66@yahoo.com

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