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Anyone ever visit the KON-TIKI Theatre in Dayton, Ohio?


it's gone now - but it was really something in its day! Anyone ever been??


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Unfortunately I've never gotten a chance to travel to visit some of the well known spots. I'm in the NE USA and it's a bit of a Catch-22 scenario -- now that I'm old & capable of visiting local spots, there's nearly none left around here.
I feel the same way - missed the heyday of so many places... and now they are gone. Even some places I got to, were fading in glory by the time I was able to see them. Still, wouldn't change it for anything! Luckily, there's a bit of a resurgence - so new places arrive on the scene often. But tipping a drink to the Kon-Tiki Theatre & the Tropics (Dayton, OH), The Kahiki & The Grass Skirt (Columbus, OH), and the Bahooka (Rosemead, CA). Got to visit a few of these... but not all.


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It looked a lot like this. Illuminated red logo with flaming tiki torches either side. Dark lava stone and gnarled pine trees in a planter at the bottom!