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Disney Disney+ Subscribers Can Get Early Access to ShopDisney’s Indiana Jones Collection

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Disney+ Subscribers Can Get Early Access to ShopDisney’s Indiana Jones Collection


Some of the items include an ear headband, a pin, and a t-shirt. | Source: shopDisney/The Pop Insider

ShopDisney is full of treasures that even Indiana Jones would be thrilled to find.

Disney is launching a line of early access Indiana Jones products on shopDisney for fans with a Disney+ subscription. This launch is in celebration of the original Indiana Jones movies being available to stream prior to the theatrical release of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny on June 30.

From now until June 8, U.S.-based Disney+ subscribers have the ability to shop exclusive, new Indiana Jones franchise products prior to the general public sale on June 9. Fans can relive the adventures of the legendary archaeologist through a product lineup that includes apparel, action figures, and more.

For the adventurous Disney fan, shopDisney has an Indiana Jones Mickey Mouse ears headband. Indy’s leather braided whip is attached to his iconic fedora, which is incorporated into the classic ear headband. This action-packed headband is available for preorder for $34.99. If you’re looking to add to your pin collection, the Headpiece of the Staff of Ra pin ($17.99) is an excellent addition.


Indy Tiki

Dr. Jones

It’s the Mileage
Source: shopDisney

Apparel company RSVLTS created three new, button-down Indiana Jones shirts for $72 each. The “Indy Tiki” shirt features iconic images inspired by the original trilogy and offers a colorfully dramatic Tiki style. The “Dr. Jones” shirt has an all-over print with Indy’s famous accessories and a skull inspired by Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The “It’s the Mileage” shirt is based on Indy’s famous line to Marion in Raiders of the Lost Ark: “It’s not the years, honey, it’s the mileage.” This shirt features an all-over map pattern that highlights key locations from the original trilogy.


Temple Escape Action Figure

Indiana Jones Talking Action Figure
Source: shopDisney

ShopDisney also has a couple of Indy action figures to add to your collection. Part of the Indiana Jones Adventure Series from Hasbro, the Temple Escape 6-inch action figure ($39.99) comes with a detachable whip, pistol, golden idol, sandbag, and an idol pedestal. The other action figure ($29.99) features the legendary archeology professor in his classic outfit with button-activated character phrases and motion-activated sound effects. Plus, you can’t forget his trusty revolver and whip.


Indiana Jones Funko Pop! | Source: shopDisney

For fans of Funko Pops!, the Indiana Jones Pop! Vinyl is one treasure that’s sure to delight for $12.99. Indy is featured in his classic leather jacket and fedora, perched atop a base with his name molded into the design. For $32.99, fans can also buy a tie-dye T-shirt inspired by Dial of Destiny (pictured top, right). This shirt features the Indiana Jones logo, complete with the signature hat and whip.


Messenger Bag

Stainless Steel Tumbler
Source: shopDisney

Whether your next adventure is in some exotic location or you’re just taking a trip to the local grocery store, the Indiana Jones messenger bag ($39.99) is perfect for all occasions. The simulated leather shoulder strap leaves your hands free in case you need them to fend off bad guys or carry a coffee. Speaking of coffee, the Indiana Jones stainless steel tumbler is one treasure you’ll really dig for $27.99. It features a simulated leather band and pictures his iconic fedora and whip.

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If you’re a Disney+ subscriber, head over to shopdisney.com/indianajones and log in with the email associated with your Disney+ account to start your latest archeological shopping adventure.
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