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Mugs You Won’t Have to Scour Any Tombs to Get Tons of New Indiana Jones Merch

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You Won’t Have to Scour Any Tombs to Get Tons of New Indiana Jones Merch


There’s incredible merch for every type of collector! | Source: U.S. Wings/Gentle Giant LTD/Beeline Creative/Funko/The Pop Insider

Get ready to gather your own personal museum of Indiana Jones merch!

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny is coming to theaters on June 30, and Disney is getting fans ready with a full treasure trove of nostalgic merch dropping in anticipation. Whether you want to look like Indy or add him to your collection shelf, there’s an option for you! With merch makers like Funko, Beeline Creative, and more, Indiana Jones has never been so ready for action.


Indiana Jones – Indiana Jones Treasure Premier Collection Statue ($200)

Raiders of the Lost Ark – Indiana Jones Jumbo Figure ($80)

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade – Dr. Henry Jones Sr. Mini Bust ($130)

Raiders of the Lost Ark – Indiana Jones Legends in 3-Dimensions Bust ($200)

Raiders of the Lost Ark – The Golden Idol Bank ($39.99)

Raiders of the Lost Ark – Indiana Jones (Escape with Idol) Deluxe Gallery Diorama ($80)
Source: Gentle Giant LTD

Gentle Giant has a huge new line of Indiana Jones collectibles that will make any shelf shine. From a truly unique option for coin storage with The Golden Idol Bank to hyper-realistic statues, dioramas, and busts, there’s an incredible array of Indy goods to grab. The full new collection is available to browse and preorder via an official blog post from Gentle Giant.


Indiana Jones & Short Round Limited Edition 18-20oz Cupful of Cute Mug Set ($55.99)

Geeki Tiki Indiana Jones With Henry Jones Limited Edition 26 Ounce Ceramic Mug ($45.99)

Geeki Tiki Indiana Jones Raiders Of The Lost Ark 24 Ounce Scenic Mug ($45.99)
Source: Beeline Creative

If you’ve got the perfect figures picked out, you’ll need a good drink to sip while you rewatch all of the Indy classics. And Beeline Creative has the perfect mugs for that! The new collection includes adorable Cupful of Cute mugs themed around the characters, as well as fun and detailed Geeki Tiki mugs depicting scenes, characters, and iconic items from the Indiana Jones movies. Morning coffee will never be lacking in adventure! The mugs are currently available for preorder with 20% off from Toynk. They’re also available for preorder from Entertainment Earth.


Indiana Jones Raiders Of The Lost Ark Mini Backpack With Coin Purse ($90)

Loungefly Pop! Indiana Jones Raiders Of The Lost Ark Sliding Pin ($20)
Source: Loungefly

When you’ve got to get on your artifact-hunting journey, you know Loungefly will have you covered with a new backpack to match the occasion. The Raiders of the Lost Ark Mini Backpack comes with an idol coin purse and features Indy in the iconic scene when he’s running from a boulder! Loungefly is also offering a Pop! style enamel pin featuring the same scene. Get notified as soon as they release here at the Loungefly website.




Source: Funko

There is also an impressive pile of new Indiana Jones Pop! figures coming in from Funko, including the iconic boulder scene, villains like Major Arnold Toht, and a deluxe SFX figure that features lights and sounds. These figures — and more — will be available soon from major retailers as well as the Funko website!


Dorfman Milano Last Crusade

Indiana Jones Vintage Cowhide Leather Jacket ($695-$715)

Dorfman Milano Katanga
Source: Dorfman Milano/U.S. Wings

With all of the Indy collectibles you could need, the next step is to dress like Indy himself! The brands U.S. Wings and Dorfman Milano have the jackets and hats you need for people to mistake you for the iconic archeologist. The Indiana Jones jackets from U.S. Wings are inspired by Indy’s signature style and feature quality materials and fun internal patterns. Browse the collection of jackets and hats now at the U.S. Wings website. Dorfman Milano also has some Indy hats available, including the iconic fedora that Indiana Jones sports. Have a look now at the Dorfman Milano website.

This is just a small sample of all the goods hitting shelves for Indiana Jones fans! We already told you about the new Funko Games Indiana Jones tabletop offerings and the new adult LEGO set featuring the full Temple of the Golden Idol. We also talked about Hasbro’s newest Indiana Jones figures, which the company teased at Star Wars Celebration. With all of this merch and more surely on the way with the new movie’s release, nostalgic fans of the film series can truly experience a revival of their favorite adventuring archeologist!