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Travel New Moai Found on Easter Island


Here is something that does not happen very often! A new Moai statue has been found on Easter Island! 🗿😲

Volunteers from three Chilean universities made the discovery on Feb. 21 in a dry lake bed, according to The Guardian. Scientific volunteers from three Chilean universities collaborating on a marshland restoration project within the Rano Raruku volcano made the rare find.

The laguna, or lake, within the volcano began to dry up in 2018, a member of the Ma’u Henua community told The Guardian. The community manages the Rapa Nui national park that includes the volcano, told The Guardian.

The statue is just over 5 feet tall and was found lying on its side. Researchers told ABC's "Good Morning America" it's a smaller statue, and the team probably will use carbon-14 dating to figure out how old it is.