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Mugs Fall Down the Rabbit Hole of Geeki Tikis with ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Mugs

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Fall Down the Rabbit Hole of Geeki Tikis with ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Mugs

Beeline Creative is headed to Wonderland with its latest collection of Geeki Tikis. Geeki Tikis are drinkware that combines your favorite fandoms with a tropical twist. The latest Disney brand that’s getting the Geeki Tiki treatment is Alice in Wonderland.

There are four mugs in the lineup, each holding a different amount of liquid: the 10-ounce Mad Hatter Mug; the 13-ounce Cheshire Cat Mug, which comes with a removable lid; the 20-ounce Alice Mug; and the 34-ounce Queen of Hearts Mug. Each mug is designed to look like it is carved out of wood and has patterns and styles that will transport you to the Pacific islands.


Queen of Hearts 34-ounce Geeki Tiki | Source: Beeline Creative


Mad Hatter 10-ounce Geeki Tiki | Source: Beeline Creative


Cheshire Cat 13-ounce Geeki Tiki | Source: Beeline Creative




These mugs aren’t microwave or dishwasher-safe, so it’s best to stick to ice-cold drinks as you sip from your favorite mystical character. Whether you’re pouring a fruity drink to take yourself to the tropics or your favorite soda, Alice in Wonderland characters have never been so refreshing!

The Alice in Wonderland Geeki Tikis are available for preorder now and are expected to ship next month. Who knows, these mugs may be the first step to you falling down the rabbit hole of collecting Geeki Tikis!



Wonderland flair plus Geeki Tiki chic equals this collection of Geeki Tikis! These ceramic mugs feature iconic characters from Alice in Wonderland combined with traditional Tiki culture elements.

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